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How tough are roses?

It's difficult to start this Newsletter, after such terrible weeks for many Australians.

Brian and I have just come back from Europe, where we visited our family for a holiday organised months ago. 

It wasn't easy being so far away while Australia was experiencing the worst summer ever; we continuously followed the news and wondered all the time how we could help, how we could support people affected by the bush fires.

Back home just a few days ago, we are now considering several options and we'll update you soon. 

In the meantime, Brian will explain to you what to do with your garden when the temperatures become really hard.  

Roses are very tough and resilient, and they can survive many things, so don't give up with them and look at how beautiful our 2020 New Releases are.

Summer will finish soon and it's now the right time to plan something new for your garden.

It's a Beautiful Girl!

A romantic colour combination of silver and pink that you will fall in love with.

Classified as Grandiflora, with mid-green leaves, this is a stunning novelty, growing upright and making perfect cut flowers.

Fragrance: Light

Height: up to 150cm

As Good as It Gets

This rose has truly amazing colour, ranging from shades of rich plum to merlot reds. 

The high centre flowers grow in large clusters and bloom freely throughout the growing season.

This is a compact and bushy 60-90cm rose plant that has very stunning, shiny and dark leaves enhancing the glow of the flowers even further.

The plant habit is low and very compact, ideal for borders and beds.

Fragrance: Light citrus

Height: up to 60-90cm

Moon Glow

This international award-winning hybrid tea rose produces dreamy, full blooms of soft buttery gold hue to light up your garden night and day.

With big and brilliant beams of gentle colour, Moon Glow is ideal for garden and pot alike. 

Boasting superb disease resistance, this rose also makes a wonderful cut flower with a light fragrance.

Fragrance: Light

Height: up to150cm tall x90cm wide

Take It Easy!

Take It Easy, relax and enjoy life! You won't have much work to do in the garden after planting this new rose for which natural disease resistance is a true statement.

The dark green, shiny & healthy foliage is the perfect background to showcase the many clustering buds and flowers.

Of a classic red colour, this dynamite of a rose has ideal pointy and very elegant buds, 100mm large with 15-25 petals. 

The red colouration doesn't go too pink or blue as the petals are falling away. A touch of lighter pink reverse light up the show of this “blooming machine”.

Take It Easy is very vigorous and very easy to grow.

Fragrance: Light

Height: up to 120cm


Award-winning excellence! 

Magnificent floribunda, with fully double blooms in a pink mauve enhanced by a beautiful rich fragrance.

Upright growth, with the famous Kordes health.

Fragrance: Strong

Height: 80cm tall x 50cm wide

It's Magic!

A magical burst of red and white stripes and a hint of yellow in the centre.

Winner of many international awards, this beautiful floribunda will not disappoint in health and flowering ability.

Fragrance: Nil

Height: up to 100cm

Quick Silver Clg

A much sought after colour for the climbing range. 

The double lavender flowers are produced in clusters and exude a mild, sweet rose fragrance.

The plant is robust, compact and disease resistant, with repeat blooming throughout the season. Its foliage is dark green and leathery.

Fragrance: Light

Height: 220cm tall x 250cm wide

More New Releases...


This floribunda has a fragrant yellow, cream and apricot cupped, cluster flower.

It grows up to 90cm high and has got a strong fragrance.

Double Pink Knockout

Masses of petal-filled strawberry pink blooms continuously cover this easy to grow rose with deep mossy green foliage.

Like other members of the Knock Out® family here is a super hardy and self-cleaning rose resistant to blackspot and drought. 

Élodie Gossuin

This beautiful rose is extremely healthy, producing very full, ruffle-petalled blooms deep pink in colour.

It grows upright and it has a powerful fragrance.

The rounded shrub blooms in flushes throughout the season and the flowers hold up extremely well in a vase.


A modern rose with a difference: Espresso has coffee brown semi-double petals with bright yellow stamens. 

It has extremely healthy foliage and upright growth up to 75cm.

Golden Beauty

Gold in every sense, receiving Gold Medals both in Australia and overseas, and the 2018 “People’s Choice Award” at the Australian National Trial Garden Awards.

This floribunda is a great performer in hot dry climates, with gorgeous dark gold, cupped blooms that don’t fade. 

It’s a healthy and vigorous plant.

No Surrender

A beautiful floribunda, with varying shades of cherry red with a gorgeous yellow reverse. 

Extremely tough and disease resistant with an almost evergreen habit.

Named to honour “The Rats of Tobruk”.

Our Amanda

An Australian bred floribunda with informal clustered blooms in blended pink and cream, flowering throughout the season with a gentle fragrance.

A medium-size bush with dark green foliage.

Persian Eyes

A delightful mid to deep pink semi-double rose, with a dark chocolate brown eye exhibiting bright yellow stamens.

This rose has healthy foliage and is a good landscaping variety with spreading growth to 100cm wide and 75cm high.

Pretty as a Picture

A very pretty rose, with masses of pale pink with yellow stamens flowers.

It growths in a compact 60cm x 60cm bush and it’s very fragrant.

  all $21.40

In your garden this month...

"Just want to congratulate you on growing roses for the Australian conditions. I live on Kangaroo Island and, due to the bush-fires, we have not had a town water supply, have not been able to do laundry or use water for non-essentials such as garden. I was expecting many losses, but every single one of the roses I bought from you last season have not only survived but are still flowering..."

This is a lovely email we received a couple of weeks ago from one of our customers. 

We were obviously happy to know that our rose plants survived the horrible weeks Kangaroo Island experienced, but it also gave us the idea to remind how tough roses are, once they're established plants.

Would you like to be our Guest?

Save the date: Sunday 29 March, 10am - 4pm

It's when we'll have our annual Open Day and we'll invite customers and rose lovers to visit our nursery.

Brian will organise tours around his farm, showing over 800 varieties in flower and explaining how he grows his beautiful roses.

Gardening expert Cindy Cross will show how to make a bouquet or a beautiful arrangement in a vase with roses and leaves and herbs that you can easily find in your garden.

Our friendly staff will help you to choose new roses for your garden, and all our potted roses will be sold at irresistible prices.

Food, drinks, garden items and fun for our young visitors will be available all day.

What else? Follow us on Facebook or on our Website to have more details and updates about the day.

In the meantime, lock this date in and organise to spend a Sunday with us: you will love it!

Did You Know...?

Did you know we have nearly 400 varieties of roses in pot, available now?

Just name a variety and I'm sure we'll be able to help you. 

Our Potted roses are packed individually and posted soon after we receive your order. 

We can also gift wrap them and add a greeting card with your message, if you're looking for a special gift.

Order potted roses now: https://www.wagnersrosenursery.com.au/collections/potted-roses

If you enjoyed reading this Newsletter, suggest it to your friends and rose lovers around you. 

We send out our News every 1st day of the month. 

If you have a question or a particular subject you want us to write about, please let us know. 

Send an email to brian@wagnersrosenursery.com.au and we'll do our best to help you.

Grazie e a presto!


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