It's an exciting time of the year when we can finally reveal what we've selected for 2020. We have 29 New Releases, plus 8 new Old Fashioned varieties added to our rose list. Would you like to see them?

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Discover our 2020 New Releases

Last month we started budding the new rose plants for next winter, with 3 new budders - David, Lewis and Henry - who just arrived from the UK to join our team for the next months.

It's exciting when we have to decide what to bud for next winter, how many plants for each variety and - mainly - which New Releases will be added to our current list.

This month we'll introduce you to some of them, and more will be presented in February's Newsletter; they' are all online now, ready to be ordered. 

We really hope you'll love them as much as we do, and you'll be inspired for your garden: bare root sale is officially open and you can now place your order for next winter. 

If you have a particular variety in mind we suggest you order them soon, to avoid disappointment as popular varieties sell out quite quickly. 

Desdemona (Auskindling)

2020 David Austion release has pretty peachy-pink buds open to reveal beautiful pure white flowers with an attractive hint of pink in the early stages. 

The flowers are chalice shaped but open a little wider over time, revealing a glimpse of the pretty stamens.

Desdemona forms a strong, compact and healthy shrub with an intense myrrh fragrance.

Fragrance: Strong

Height: 120cm tall x 100m wide

Miss Unique

Multi-awarded Australian breeder Bruce Brundrett is releasing this year another stunning rose, with pink, cupped flowers growing in clusters, and opening revealing yellow stamens. 

The plant is bushy, vigorous and disease resistant, with a strong fragrance.

Fragrance: Strong

Height: up to 100cm tall x 100cm wide

Sunny Knockout

Continuously filled with masses of single blooms opening bright golden yellow ageing to a soft buttery hue, this beautiful Meilland rose has intense citrus fragrance. 

Like other members of the Knock Out® family, here is a super hardy and self-cleaning rose, resistant to blackspot and drought.

Easy to grow as a single specimen or striking designer hedge, it’s a perfect addition to any garden.

Fragrance: Strong

Height: up to 120cm tall x 100cm wide

Pin Up

This rose is all Fire and Flame! 

A Chris Warner creation, with very bright and summery coloured yellow flower with edges marbled in orange and red with shades of pink, centred with pretty golden yellow stamens.

A very healthy, vigorous plant with abundant flowers, disease resistant.

Foliage is a shiny dark green with new shoots appearing in red.

Fragrance: Strong

Height: up to 70-80cm

Custard Cream

By Australian breeder Richard Walsh, this floribunda has cream blooms blending to light yellow tones and at other times are flushed with pink; flowers form in clusters throughout the season. 

The plant has upright growth, it has semi-glossy foliage and is very disease resistant and extreme heat tolerant

It lasts well in a vase when cut.

Fragrance: Mild

Height: 120cm tall x 90cm wide

P.S. I Love You

This new Delbard French variety is a beautiful bi-coloured flower ranging in tones from deep red, iridescent reds and pinks. 

With blooms born in clusters of between 6-10 individual flowers, this beauty flowers en-masse!

Brilliant planted as a stand out specimen or grouped together to make a stunning display, this rose is an incredibly hardy and vigorously growing bush with healthy, dark green, disease resistant foliage.

Fragrance: Nil

Height: up to 120cm 

Princess Claire of Belgium

This floribunda rose is sweet scented and has warm pink flowers produced all season long. 

Carried on an upright freely flowering plant, is a delightful soothing colour for a boarder or a large pot, to bring some perfume and elegance to your patio.

Fragrance: Strong

Height: up to 100cm tall x 50cm wide

More New Releases...

Darling Charlie

An Australian floribunda bred by Richard Walsh, with delightful informal blooms of blended orange and pink with cream to yellow reverse, flowering in small clusters, and repeating throughout the season. 

It's an healthy and vigorous growing plant.

Anita's Rose Clg

A beautiful Chris Warner creation; a salmon patio climber, with medium green healthy foliage and a spreading habit. 

It repeats well and it’s a really nice rose for any garden.

Jazz Festival

This multi-awarded compact hybrid tea rose blooms abundantly at a steady tempo from spring to late autumn.

Its vibrant and distinctive flowers of warm ochre orange softening to coppery pink are music to your eyes.

Frida Kahlo

The world-acclaimed Mexican painter Frida Kahlo once said: "I paint flowers so they will not die".

Frida Kahlo's flowers are scarlet red and gold striped, one of a kind in the rose world.

Flowers are set in small clusters on a vigorous and healthy disease-resistant plant, with clean glossy green foliage.

Miss Jane

Australian bred floribunda rose - by Richard Walsh - with soft warm pink, full old-fashioned blooms borne in clusters throughout the season. 

With an intense and sweet fragrance and very disease resistant, it retains its medium green foliage to the end of the season.


This Floribunda has pink tending to purple flowers with a strong fragrance. 

It produces a cupped double bloom form, it flowers throughout the season and it's an ideal low growing bush.

  all $21.40

In your garden this month...

We've had extremely hot days in the last 2 weeks, with record temperatures all over Australia. 

Our rose plants survived well because we started watering them two days before the hottest days and we never stopped. 

This is what you should try to do in your garden as well, in summertime. 

Check the weather forecasts and plan your watering in advance. 

Save the Date for our Open Day!

Sunday 29 March 2020 we will open our gates to the public and have our annual Open Day again.

Guided tours with Brian, workshops, potted roses and bare root orders with special discounts, drinks, food and entraitainment for adults and children... It'll be a perfect day out for rose lovers looking for information and ideas, and for families looking for a fun day in the country.

If you're planning to come to visit us and you don't live in the region, you can now start organising a weekend in the beautiful Limestone Coast; there are so many interesting things to see and to do around Kalangadoo!

Stay tuned for more details.

Did You Know...?

Sugar gives a boost of energy to flowers as well. It can help your cut blooms to open quicker, look nicer and last longer.

Just add one spoon of sugar in a vase of water and you'll be amazed by the quick results.

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From me, Brian and all the staff at Wagner's

Happy New Year! Buon Anno Nuovo!

Grazie e a presto!


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