It's time to organise your Christmas shopping and we'd like to help you to choose the right gifts offering some great varieties at a great price.

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All I Want for Christmas is Roses!

With December we should officially be in summer, but down here in the South East of South Australia, we know that summer always appears later, and it normally doesn't stay long. 

Thanks to the quality of our soil and our groundwater - we are extremely lucky down here! - and the appearance of a few sunny days, our potted roses are looking vigorous and full of blooms, and we are very happy with their quality.

We are busy selling potted roses in this period; our 2020 Catalogue is complete and it'll be revealed next month, and we'll start our budding season in the next few days. 

This year we'll have two new budders working with us, coming from UK and about to land in Australia for their very first time; we can't wait to meet them and tell you everything about them.


Selected Roses on Sale

We want to make Christmas shopping easier for you, offering some of our popular varieties in pots at a reduced price.

10% discount is applied on beautiful roses like Olivia Rose Austin - (left image) considered the best David Austin creation, released this year -  the Delbard varieties Grimaldi, Coeur de Neige, Avignon and Red Intuition; the recent releases Twilight Zone, Bordeaux, Addictive Lure, Dream Chaser, Pope John Paul II and Per-Fyoom Perfume; and the classic La Sevillana,  Friesia, Iceberg, Double Delight, Just Joey and Mother's Love.

Do you know we can also Gift Wrap your order? 

For an additional $20 we'll wrap your pot, write your special message on one of our beautiful cards and add a sample of organic fertiliser to help the plant growing in its very first weeks.

(Promotion valid in December only, until stock end)

Pay less for a Gift Card

Give the gift of choice with a Gift Card!

Gift cards are delivered via email and contain the promo code to use at the checkout when the order is placed online. 

They can be used anytime, and don't have an expiry date or extra fees.

For the first 10 days of December, all Gift Cards purchased online will be 10% Off.


Remember to use the promo code GIFTCARD10 at the check out to receive your discount.

To make your gift looking prettier, we also have lovely printed gift cards that we are happy to post to you or to your special person (at no additional cost) with all the vouchers details. 

Just contact us and we'll organise everything for you.

"Come In" Discounts

We've been busy thinking how to make you happy and to make this month easier for you, so here is another special offer for our local customers who don't need their orders to be posted, and for all the customers who will come to see us in Kalangadoo before Christmas.

All potted roses purchased and collected from the nursery (not online), will have these special prices:

- Bushes and Climbers: $30  (was $32.50)

- 60cm/2ft Standards: $35  (was $37.50)

- 90cm/3ft Standards: $45  (was $47.50)

- 120cm/4ft Standards: $49  (was 52.50)

These prices will be valid until December 23, our last trading day before Christmas.

We are open to the public 

Monday to Thursday 9am-3pm, 

Fridays 9am-1pm

20 Koorine Road, Kalangadoo SA

ph 08 87393321

If a Rose Plant is not enough...

We love our roses, and we love them so much that we can't stop photographing them.

We have a collection of Greeting Cards realised with high-quality paper, blank inside and a white envelope included. 

Order them online here, postage is free.

Discover our other rose products here.

In your garden this month...

Your garden should be all in flower by now, filling your senses with colours and fragrance. 

Watering and fertilising will be your essential garden jobs for the next few months; don't forget to prepare your rose plants to the very hot temperatures with deep watering the day before or in the early morning of the crucial days.

December Deadlines

December is a busy and unpredictable month for the mail, so if you're buying a potted rose as a gift and want it to be delivered before Christmas make sure you place your order by these dates:

- Sunday 8th December for orders going to Queensland, Northern Territory and New South Wales;

- Sunday 15th December for orders going to South Australia and Victoria;

- Monday 23rd December is the last day to purchase or collect your roses from the nursery. 

Did You Know...?

When you mulch a young bush rose, you shouldn't put mulch tight to the base of the plant but leave it 10-15cm away. 

This is to avoid some burning on the stem in very hot days.

Wait for the plant to be more established and to have shade around the base before adding more mulch.

If you enjoyed reading this Newsletter, suggest it to your friends and rose lovers around you. 

We send out our News every 1st day of the month. 

If you have a question or a particular subject you want us to write about, please let us know. 

Send an email to [email protected] and we'll do our best to help you.

From me, Brian and all the staff at Wagner's...

Merry Christmas! Buon Natale!

Grazie e a presto!


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