We know there's a shortage of roses on the market at the moment, and we've sold out several varieties already; but we still have many and this is a short list of our bestsellers still in stock.

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It's not too late to place an order

What a Winter! 

I think we never experienced such a busy and demanding digging season before, with hundreds of new orders coming every week and so many emails and requests to address every day in the office.

We understand you're very impatient to receive your new roses and we really appreciate your understanding and support; it's not only the exceptional demand to make things more complicated at the nursery, but also the unusual situation related to Covid-19, that slows everything down and makes us all feel quite insecure.

We are getting there though, dealing with this day by day and working really hard for you.

Many of our varieties are already sold out, but many others are still in stock, so you can still place your order, it's not too late. 

Just keep in mind that orders received now will be processed and posted at the end of this month and that It'll be ok to plant them at the end of winter or beginning of spring. 

Gallipoli Centenary Rose

This international award-winning hybrid tea rose is a very tough and dense-growing, upright bush, with all the health and disease resistance famous in the Kordes roses. 

Large, elegant, deep velvet red unfading blooms are produced in clusters or singly framed by mid-green leaves, over a long flowering period.

Fragrance: light

Height: 120cm

$1.00 from the sale of each rose will be donated to the ADCC Qld Inc to help fund ANZAC education to Australian school children & war veteran-related projects.

Heaven Scent

Large orchid pink blooms perch on long, single stems that have few thorns with lush green foliage.

 Heaven Scent is an easy to grow rose that blooms in flushes throughout the season and is perfect as a landscape or shrub specimen.

Fragrance: Intense, old damask rose.
Height: to 150cm


A modern rose with a difference: Espresso has coffee brown semi-double petals with bright yellow stamens. 

It has extremely healthy foliage and upright growth up to 75cm.

The Golden Child

Compared to any other yellow rose, the Golden Child comes with brighter, longer lasting canary yellow colour, bigger and more fragrant clusters of flowers with about 35 petals, glossier foliage, handsome mahogany new growth and vastly improved resistance to rose disorders.

The Golden Child has won the Gold Medal 2013 and is the Australian Rose of the Year 2013.

Fragrance: medium
Height: 120 cm

Fruity Parfuma

Fruity Parfuma has a strong intoxicating fragrance, rich in facets of ripe raspberries and rhubarb with a hint of patchouli. 

Lovely healthy growth to 80cm high and 40cm wide on average and the unusual round blooms get to 6cm in width in a wonderful coral red. 

A must-have for its fragrance alone. ADR winner 2018.

Fragrance: Intense 

Height: 80cm

Pretty as a Picture

This 2020 Release is a  very pretty rose, with masses of pale pink with yellow stamens flowers. 

Pretty as a Picture grows in a compact 60cm x 60cm bush and it’s very fragrant.

Fragrance: Strong

Height: 60cm tall x 60cm wide

Olivia Rose Austin ®(Ausmixture)

Regarded by David Austin himself as “a rather special rose; in fact, it is possibly the best rose that we have introduced to date.” 

Named for David Austin’s granddaughter, Olivia Rose Austin ®(Ausmixture), it commences flowering very early in the season and continues well into autumn. 

Medium to large fully cupped roses of an even mid pink which have a good fruity fragrance and sit on a very healthy, well balanced bush.

Fragrance: Fruity

Height: 120cm x 100cm wide

The Poet's Wife ®(Auswhirl)

The Poet's Wife has large cupped blooms of a lovely rich yellow, which pale as they age and are produced in small clusters. 

The fully double blooms contain a wonderfully rich fruity fragrance with hints of lemon. 

The leaves are a shining healthy colour on a low rounded shrub.  

Fragrance: Fruity 

Height: 120cm x 120cm wide

The Children's Rose

One of the longest-lasting cut roses, The Children's Rose grows predominantly on single stems, sometimes in clusters, and is a pretty powder pink colour. 

It is a robust and densely foliaged plant and will flower prolifically throughout Spring and Autumn. 

With few thorns, even children can enjoy picking the blooms.

Fragrance: Intense.
Height: to 150cm.


In your garden this month...

As we mentioned last month, pruning and planting new roses are the main jobs that will keep you busy in wintertime.

Rose plants are dormant and it's the right moment to work on them.

On our website, you can find many tutorial videos that we prepared for you.

This month we'd like to explain to you what to do if you want to move and replant an established rose.

Did You Know...?

Did you know we now have a delivery van?

We covered it with one of our beautiful images of roses, to be noticed and recognised by you, and also to check all the coffee stops of Brian while delivering his roses ; )

Yes! Brian loves his coffees. And he now loves driving his new Rose Van!

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Grazie e a presto!


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